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Main Activities
ICC has been engaged in the activities for Construction in the Power and Industrial sector for the last 56 years. The main fields of its operation are briefed below.
  • Transmission Lines up to 500 KV
  • Hydel Power Plants
  • Substation up to 500 KV
  • Thermal Power Plants
  • Gas Turbines Power Plants
  • Steel Making Plants
  • Process Industrial Plants
  • Water Desalination Plants
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Wind Power Plants
  • Solar Power Plants
  • Pipeline of various Diameters and Pressure to carry Steam, Oils, Gases, Water etc.
  • Underground High Voltage Cable Network.
  • Fabrication and Erection of Large Capacity Storage Tanks
  • Fabrication and Erection of Large Diameter Pipelines
  • Fabrication and Erection of Steel Structures, Ducting, Platforms Stairs etc.
  • Communication Systems
ICC is primarily an Engineering based company which has always stressed upon the highest standards of technical quality. It owns an independent Design Group composed of highly qualified Engineers who are kept upto date and well conversant in the latest design techniques. Most of ICC’s Engineers have been trained abroad and an atmosphere of on the job training is prevalent among all its personnel. A number of Engineers trained by ICC form the nucleus of many companies working on transmission line construction outside Pakistan, thereby earning precious foreign exchange for the country. ICC has design capabilities in the following fields.
     Transmission Lines
  • Soil Investigation.
  • Civil Works.
  • Tower Design.
  • Profile & Tower spotting.
  • Conductor Size configuration.
  • Sag & Tension calculations.
  • Civil works.
  • Mechanical works.
  • Bus Bar protection.
  • Switchyard Equipment protection.
  • Line protection.
  • Transformer/Reactor protection.
  • Lightning protection.
  • Grounding system.
  • Synchronising system.
  • DC power system.
  • Line/Reactance metering.
  • Switchgear control.
  • Fire fighting.
  • Lighting.
      Power Plants
  • Unit control.
  • Monitoring for Turbines, Generators & Transformers.
  • Unit protection metering.
  • Recording.
  • Synchronising.
  • AC system.
  • DC system.
  • Alarm/Annunciations.
ICC has the capability of handling all phases of construction of transmission lines. ICC specialises in the Design, Furnishing of materials, Erection, Testing and Commissioning of a complete Transmission Line System. To date, over 10,000 Km of Distribution and Transmission Lines ranging from 11 KV to 500 KV have been constructed by ICC. Their highly qualified and experienced engineers, supervisors and technicians are capable of handling all projects in an expeditious manner.

The attached brochure, among other things, gives the information about their key technical personnel and list of transmission line projects completed by them.

ICC owns two complete sets of tension stringing equipment suitable for 4 Bundle conductor. Details of other tools and plants for survey, tower foundation, tower erection and stringing operations available with them are given in the attached Brochure.

ICC has completed many transmission lines upto 220KV for WAPDA on turnkey basis. Most of the transmission lines upto 220KV in KESC system have been built by ICC on turnkey basis. Even now ICC is executing a project in WAPDA/KESC on turnkey basis for transmission lines upto 220KV.
ICC has large experience in the design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of all sorts of substations, having different bus configurations and of different voltage levels upto and including 500 KV. We are the only construction company in Pakistan having the capability of handling turnkey Substation projects. The List of Turnkey Substation projects built by ICC for WAPDA, KESC and Private parties are given in the company's brochure attached.

Latest technology is used in the construction of substations and design works. We are well known to most of the concerned multinational companies who have established offices in Pakistan. Impressed by our skill, M/s ABB had awarded contract of supervising and testing their substations at Kohinoor Energy and Gul Ahmed Power Plants, thus saving a substantial amount of cost on account of expatriates. We have completed 132 kV Substation, on turnkey basis for Ittefaq Sons (Pvt) Limited.
Construction of Transmission Line is of course only one dimension of ICC’s varied scope of activities. ICC also specializes in design and construction of Power Stations.
For the first time in Pakistan a Pakistani company, ICC was awarded the project as Main Contractor to construct a complete Thermal Power Station by Pakistan Steel Mills, Karachi.

We have executed complete Mechanical works of 4x323 MW Hub Power Plant. This is the first Power Plant built in the Private Sector and we participated in it as Sub-contractors to M/S Ansaldo for Electro-Mechanical works consisting of 4 Nos. Turbines and Generators, Water intake system, Chlorination and Hydrogen Plant, Feed Water and Condensate Piping System, Electrical works such as Transformers, Switchgear and cabling etc. Total Tonnage of this Project was about 8,000 Tons.

We have also executing complete Mechanical Erection of balance works of 412 MW Rousch Power Plant. This Plant owned by Rousch Power Company with Siemens being EPC Contractor and Lahmeyer as Consultants. The Balance Equipment of this plant at Abdul Hakeem (near Multan) which was awarded to M/S Black & Veatch International of USA and was further sub-contracted in total to ICC.
ICC was also engaged in the Mechanical Erection of Hydel Turbines, Generators, Control and Power Cables for Mangla Units 7&8 of 125 MVA each. It was also the turnkey contract for design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of the entire Medium and High Voltage Switchgear for the above units. We also completed stator erection of 432 MW generator stator for Tarbela hydel power station units 11-14, and were also responsible as Main Contractors for the design and supply of control and protection of the 432 MW turbines and generators at Tarbela units 11-14.
Apart from Hydel and Thermal power plants, we have executed mechanical works for other industry as well. To-date we have executed more than 50,000 Tons of Mechanical works. Some of the main jobs completed are mechanical erection of three turbo-generators of 55 MW each along with four high pressure steam boilers, waste heat recovery boilers, water treatment plant, turbo blowers, steal making complex, hot and cold rolling mills, refractory and heat insulation works, etc. at Karachi Steel Mills. We have completed construction of Mapak Edible Oil Refinery including complete steel structure, equipment, piping and oil storage facility; site fabrication, sand blasting, painting and installation of steel structure, reformer, heat recovery system and silos/bins for Tuwairqi Steel Mills; and design, supply and installation of thermal sea water desalination plant at KANUPP and water supply system at CROF, Karachi.

Presently, we are carrying out project of design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of sea water cooling towers at CROF, Karachi.
ICC has also completed a WAPDA/USAID project for survey, mapping and data-base development of Distribution Feeders of WAPDA system. The project involved designing a complex system of software and hardware and includes computerized data acquisition.
The construction of Telecommunication system consisted of Microwave Towers, Equipment and Shelters at 17 different locations.
(Pakistan Housing authority, Contract No. PMHA-032,Construction of ‘B’ type Apartments near Walton Road, Lahore.)
The Job was awarded on 27-08-99 having completion period of 12 month. The job consists of 160 flats (10 Blocks) having total covered area of 220,000 sq. ft. Total project cost is Rs. 108.72 Million.

The work remained suspended due to change in Government in Pakistan, but later restarted on 17th January 2001 with revised completion period of 15 months and completed ahead of time.